Wagon Trains West

Wagon Trains West

Friday, February 17, 2012


These valentines are all from the 1930's and belonged to my Dad, Archie Pounds.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SSDI (Social Security Death Index)

Below is an article I wanted to share about the real possibility of losing access to the Social Security Death Master File or SSDI. This would be a great loss to genealogists. The article is by Kimberly Powell and her blog is located on "About.com. Genealogy".

Advocating Records Access - How You Can Help!

I wrote last week about the very real threat of losing all public access to the Social Security Death Master File, or SSDI. This would be a HUGE loss to anyone researching individuals in the U.S., whether you are researching ancestors, relatives, descendants of recovered military MIAs, missing heirs, etc. That's on top of the enormous threat to identity theft if this public database is no longer freely available to the many small and medium-sized businesses that use the death master file to verify an individual's identity in an effort to prevent fraud.
The Records Preservation & Access Committee (RPAC) has some great information for everyone, whether inside or outside the U.S., who uses and values the SSDI. For now they are encouraging formal responses to the Ways & Means Committee only for societies, but are strongly encouraging individuals to write to their Senators and Representatives. Since mail is often delayed, a faxed letter is even better. They also plan to launch a public petition